Friday 11 April 2014

Film Review Captain America, The Winter Soldier


Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.

My Musings

Captain America never held huge appeal for me like X men but  the first had charm and entertainment value and i liked the mix of past and present so though I would go to see the second, Captain America The Winter Soldier. By mistake I had picked the 3D version which I always try and avoid but couldn't be bothered to wait an hour so thought why not? The question for me is WHY are these films bothering with 3D. It didn't do anything to enhance the film and it didn't need it. My first gripe out the way I actually really enjoyed it and it gets better throughout. It still combines old fashioned quality of old superhero films. The film carries on with Captain America still trying to fit into the modern day world and sticking to his values. The film gives back story and more depth. Chris Evans plays Captain America slightly tongue in cheek but also underplays it giving himself more gravitas on screen. He is almost like a symbol. He gets a great supporting cast with Samuel L Jackson and new sidekick Falcon played by Sam Wilson. Robert Redford is a welcome addition and plays against type. Always a pleasure to see and hear. The only weakness is Scarlett Johanssen. Why has she lost her sparkle on screen? The Black Widow is a feisty character she should really get her teeth into but it's like she is phoning in her performance. 

The Action sequences are amazing. I loved all the hand to hand combat. A few say this takes away from the decent storyline but I thought it added to it. Regarding the plot I got a bit lost honestly. The Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan is perfect as the legendary soldier and I loved the dichotomy of his character. Really hoping to see him again! 

Lastly just have to give a shout out for the great Jenny Agutter. She must have LOVED her action scene at the end. Go Jenny!!


  1. It's popcorn entertainment, but still a lot better than most of what we see. Good review Zoe.

  2. Thanks Dan, you are my first comment on here, Appreciated. Apologies for not seeing it before I only now discovered where to see my comments! Am enjoying your blog also!