Saturday 3 May 2014

Book Review Goblin Fruit by Laini Taylor


From the author of the astounding must-read novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone, comes a vividly imaginative short story, Goblin Fruit (from the award-winning short story collection Lips Touch: Three Times). 

Kizzy wanted it all so bad her soul leaned half out of her body hungering after it, and that was what drove the goblins wild, her soul hanging out there like an un-tucked shirt.

Beware of souls that want too much. 

Kizzy's family are from the Old Country. They cut the heads off chickens, have anvils in their yard and sing songs in a language that her teachers have never heard of. They believe in talking foxes, witch soldiers and goblins who crave the souls of a particular type of girl. Girls who wish they were prettier, had normal relatives and, most of all, were noticed by the boy they have fallen for at school. 

My Musings

This is a mix of gothic/ grimms fairy tales. Three Dark and seductive stories . The shorter stories lack the punch of her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series but still an enjoyable holiday read if your a fan, Which I am!

Each story recounts different types of seduction and love. They go from modern day to a past time in India and introduce goblins, demons and monsters. All the heroines are fiesty and strong but not all have a happy ending. There are two sides to every coin and sacrifices have to be made. Nothing is black and white in the world of Laini Taylor which is what attracts me to her books. Her visual building of different worlds and characters are astounding. Boy does she have an imagination! I enjoyed just for that. 

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