Friday 29 April 2016

Ballet in Fiction Part 2 For Adults and Children

My list of ballet books was getting so long I thought I had better put it into two parts.

Books for Ballet Lovers Part 2 focuses on ballet in fiction for adults and children.

Ballet In Fiction

Prima Donna by Karen Swan

Pia Soto is the sexy and glamorous prima ballerina, the Brazilian bombshell who’s shaking up the ballet world with her outrageous behaviour. She’s determined that no man will ever control her destiny. But ruthless financier Will Silk has Pia in his sights, When a devastating accident threatens to cut short Pia’s illustrious career, Sophie has to step out of the shadows and face up to the demons in her own life. A really fun holiday read by an author who has clearly done her research. Very enjoyable with larger than life characters and lots of glamour!
Pan ISBN 978-1447223740

Check out Karen Swan's Website

Dancer by Colin McCann

Fictional life of Rudolf Nureyev as a child and how he became a dancer.
Phoenix ISBN: 978-0753817049

First Love by Adrienne Sharp

Gripping story of two ballet dancers in love making their way through the ranks. Quite dark in places so have put it in Fiction but could be given to older teenager. NB this seems to be out of print but if you can get it worth the read. An easy holiday read.
Arrow ISBN-13: 978-0099491026
Two books using Degas and the ballet world so must read

Painted girls by Cathy Buchanan

Set in the Paris it tells the story of three sisters, one of whom becomes the model for Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. A Darkly Beautiful read on theatre life in The Belle Epoque. For My Review click here
US Imports ISBN-13: 978-1594486241

Ballet in Children's Fiction 7+

Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson

A historical romance in which one Harriet Morton comes to life only when she attends her weekly ballet class in 1912. She finds her fortune as a dancer, but all the time she is followed by her father and by the man intent on becoming her husband. A great read for Ibbotson fans and a modern day classic!
Picador ISBN- 978-0230014848
Children 9+

Ballet Shoes Noel Streatfield

The story of three sisters going to stage school, the youngest being an inspiring dancer. A Classic.
Puffin ISBN- 978-0141334424
Children 9+

Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfield

When their mother dies, leaving them orphaned, Rachel and Hilary are sent to live with their aunt, who runs a troupe of dancing girls -'Mrs Wintle's Little Wonders'. Hilary, a talented dancer, settles there immediately and loves the chance to dance every day. Rachel finds it more difficult to fit in. She's also got another worry on her mind. Her mother's dying wish was for Hilary to attend the Royal Ballet School. But Hilary seems to have other ideas! Another classic
Hodder ISBN- 978-0340626634
Children 9+

Magic Ballerina Series by Darcey Bussell

A delightful series of stories about different little ballerina's on various adventures. The first one is called Delphie and the Magic Ballet Slippers.
Harper Collins ISBN- 978-0007286072
Children 7+

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