Tuesday 22 December 2020

My Top Early Reader Books of 2020 6+

 This is a list of my top Early Reader books of 2020. These are suitable for newly confident readers and reluctant readers and great for a Christmas stocking!

(in no particular order) 

 #thesecretexplorersandthelostwhales #thesecretexplorersandthetombrobbers #thesecretexplorersjurassicrescue #thesecretexplorerandthecometcollision @dkbooks
New series for #earlyreaders 7+ including a diverse cast of characters from the four corners of the world all with different skills.. Full of illustrations and fascinating facts that will reinforce STEM topics. A brilliant series.

#the130storeytreehouse #lasereyesandannoyingflies @andygbooks @terrydbooks @macmillankidsuk

The continuing hilarious adventure

#alifestory #davidattenborough by #lizziehuxleyjones @scholastic_uk

 explore the world and life of the national treasure. With details of his career and adoration of the natural world children will adore this introduction. Full of fascinating facts and well laid out to interest reluctant readers.#

#thepiratecaptainscat #theninelivesoffurrypurrybeancat @philipardagh @rbiddulph @simonkidsuk
A new highly illustrated series for young readers 5 +. Each one of her nine lives introduces us to a new adventure whether she be a railway cat or a witches cat or a pirate captain's cat.

#adancersdream  #Katherinewoodfine #lizzystewart @simonkidsuk 
The real story of the Nutcracker A beautiful gift 

#PIZAZZ #SOPHYHENN 7+ Simon Schuster
An hilarious and irreverent highly illustrated adventure about a 9-year-old superhero who just wants to be normal!

#thewitches by #roalddahl reimagined as a #graphicnovel by #penelopebagieu
celebrating #roalddahlstoryday Sept 13th and #halloween #roalddahlday with my original copy of #thewitchesIllustrations #quentinblake 

 latest instalment of the madcap comedy adventure series.

perfect for emergent reluctant and dyslexic readers

An eco friendly adventure. Great series.

#HorribleHistories #allatsea #terrydeary illustrations #martinbrown Simon Schuster
The ultimate horrible history of Britain and Ireland seafaring heritage !

The adventures of a Super Guinea Pig

the continuing adventures of the two best friends .

the second book about the further adventures of the lovable robot Boot. Love this series!

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