Thursday 14 May 2020

My Top Picks: Magical Middle Grade Books

This week I am picking three magnificent magical middle grade reads. All Out Now!!

Wilde is forced to live with her aunt in Witch Point and start a new school. She is desperate to fit in but strange things keep happening. Why do birds follow her? How is the legend of the witch called Winter connected to her family? Who is threatening the pupils with curses? Children will love the rebellious Wilde and her quest to find her place in the world. A spookily good adventure that will hold children spellbound. Bewitching.
Firefly PB £6.99

A much anticipated return to the Wolf Brother adventure series. Torak and Renn having being living peacefully in the forest with their pack brother Wolf. But Renn must go in search of the truth of her heritage before she destroys them all. Michell has again created a riveting and atmospheric adventure set in a primitive and feral world. You will love the adventure, the friendship and the poetic description of the worlds along their quest. The author clearly takes a great interest in the natural surround and it is fascinating to read her descriptions of the wilderness as they seek their friends and try to escape evil demons. It can be read as a stand-alone as well as part of the wolf brother series. Highly recommended .
 Head of Zeus HB 12.99 

Seth and his talking cat Nightshade arrive in a magical town of Gramichee to learn magic. But when apprentices are attacked will he be next? Seth always seems to trust the wrong people! I was enchanted by the magical town and its curious shops and intrigued by the cauldron of eccentric characters. This whodunnit will keep you guessing until the end as it casts its spell. Lots of red herrings! This can be read as part of the magical mystery series of a stand alone. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter. 
Chicken House PB £6.99


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