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Book Review; Summer at Tiffanys by Karen Swan

Summer At Tiffany's by Karen Swan


A return to the characters from the bestselling Christmas at Tiffany's. With a wedding to plan and a wedding to stop, what could go wrong?

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So lucky to get a proof thanks to Cover to Cover Book Shop in Mumbles! Thankyou x

 This book is a welcome return to the amazing characters of Karen Swan's Christmas in Tiffanys but what lies in store for them in the sequel?

Certainly all that glitters is not gold. I was dying to know what happened to Cassie, Henry and her best friends so many of us fell in love with and Karen certainly takes her readers on a rollercoaster ride. We left Cassie and Henry in a perfect place as they just got engaged at the end of the last book. But sometimes life can be too perfect and Cassie seems to want to deliberately sabotage her own chance of happiness. Cassie will not or cannot commit to a wedding much to Henry's obvious frustration. What I like about Karen Swan books is she makes her character flawed, thereby relatable and Cassie is certainly that. You want to shake her sometimes but also recognize we all carry baggage that can influence future decisions and not always in a good way. 

This book also sends out some curve balls. When a husband of one of Cassie's friends has a heart attack it sets in motion a set of events that will change their lives and highlight unresolved issues. My heart was in my mouth for some parts and I was hoping Karen wasn't going to be too cruel to her readers!

The second part of the book is set in Cornwall which sounds divine, especially to someone who's never been. Karen's scene building of the gorgeous beach house,  interiors, the fashion is fabulous and you are transported there with the characters. Its in Cornwall things come to a head as while Henry is away an old lover of Cassie's appears. Its at this point you really want to scream at her! Surely Cassie can't be that stupid ? Well you'll have to read the book to find out as I don't do Spoilers!

Really LOVED this book. I was feeling a bit poorly when I started it and it really provided some much need escapism. I was totally smitten. The overriding message in this book is the importance of friendship, living in the moment and grabbing happiness while you can. Definately something to remember!


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