Sunday 9 February 2014

Film Review The Great Gatsby Director Baz Luhrmann


A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor. But how did he make his millions? Why does he want to meet his cousin Daisy? 

My Musings

I was really looking forward to the visual extravaganza that was to be The Great Gatsby. I am a fan of Baz Luhrmann, I loved Moulin Rouge when it exploded onto our screens in 2001 and also contrary to many reviews enjoyed Australia. The only thing that stopped me from seeing it on the big screen was I have never been a fan of the tragic story. The exposure of human frailty, greed, obsession and survival at what ever the cost. 

So I eventually got watched it hoping it was going to be the visual feast we had been promised in the trailer. Unfortunately it started like an overexcited child that had been given too many sweets and gorged on them. Bas's sets were so enormous and opulent it was like he had a tiger by the tail he couldn't control. The film work was far too frantic and fractured. Yes beautiful and opulent but you couldn't really focus on the dialogue or actors which are Stella indeed. 

Talking of which Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan have great chemistry as Gatsby and Daisy. As the film slows down to focus on the story ( thank god) it really sizzles. On the outside Gatsby is aloof, sophisticated and rich beyond imagining but inside he is insecure, needy and obsessed with making the past his present. Daisy is giggly , shallow and spoilt but her love for Gatsby still shines through. Howver is it enough to woo her from her stable and accepted role of a respected society wife?

I appreciated Tobey Maguire more and more through filming due to the fact he is allowed to act rather than compete with his surrounding. 

I know many people have loved this but sorry Baz, this one wasn't for me. There were many elements I loved, the music, sets, costumes , cast but I just think it suffered from delusions of grandeur which, thinking about it was maybe the point!

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