Saturday 22 March 2014

Book Review Cowgirl by G R Gemin


Growing up on the embattled Mawr Estate in South Wales, all Gemma sees are burglaries, muggings, sadness and boredom. With a dad in prison and a mum who has given up hope, she, like everyone around her, is holding on to memories of the times when happiness wasn’t so hard to find.
When her search for the scene of a perfect childhood day takes her up into the surrounding hills, Gemma is forced into a meeting with the legendary Cowgirl. Everyone at school knows she’s a weirdo: six foot tall and angry, the only conversations she has are with the twelve cows on her dad’s farm. But with her abrupt arrival in Gemma’s life, everything starts to look different. And with her only friends in mortal danger of the abbatoir, it turns out she and Gemma have a mission on their hands. A gently funny story of a community coming together, this is a tale of happy endings in unexpected places.

My Musings

I wasn't sure what to expect from such an unusual premise, I certainly didn't love the title but after reading this charming book I totally understand!  It is definitely in the same vein as The Secret Hen House Theatre by Helen Peters. (Another lovely book) Someone at Nosy Crow obviously has a soft spot for books featuring farms, but I am not complaining!

It tackles many issues through an unlikely friendship between Gemma, who grows up on  a rough estate and who's dad is in prison, and Kate daughter of local farmer about to sell her beloved cows.
Through Gemma's grandma they form a bond over saving her small herd and it has far reaching consequences for them and the rough neighborhood. It a story about not judging people, community spirit and most importantly friendship. I really loved it . An easy read dealing with the harsher side of life with a very light touch.
Also lots of interesting information about milking cows. You will become rather attached to the herd!!
Will look forward to more by this author.

Suitable for 9+

Most memorable quote
" Your as useless as a bull's teat"

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